JVC TH-D258B 2.1 Wireless Compact Sound Bar


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JVC TH-D258B 2.1 Wireless Compact Sound Bar

Top features:

– Upgrade your TV speakers & enjoy your entertainment again

– Great for small screens with a compact design

– Tailor the sound for what you’re listening to

Upgrade your TV speakers

TV speakers not up to scratch? Start enjoying your entertainment again with the JVC TH-D258B 2.1 Wireless Compact Sound Bar.

Delivering 60 W of sound power, you’ll be able to clearly hear the dialogue between the blasts of action.

Great for small screens

With compact dimensions it’ll sit comfortably in-front of your TV, even if it’s a smaller screen. The sound bar can even be wall mounted for a clean look.

There’s a wireless connection between the sound bar and subwoofer, so you can place the sub further away for a surround sound feeling.

Tailor the sound

Customise the sound to match your entertainment. There’s preset modes for movies and music, and you can adjust the bass and treble until it sounds good to you.

When you’re in the mood for some music, you can connect your smartphone via Bluetooth and start streaming. To get you in that party mood, the blue LED light syncs with the bass.

Get yourself connected

Setting up your new kit doesn’t need to be complicated. Avoid disappointment and make sure your system works straight out the box by checking you’ve got the right cables for your setup.

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